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Progress report on the implementation of the Child Strategy 12/10/2022


Author Esa Iivonen


Measure 26

Creating a training package on the rights of the child and particularly children’s inclusion for professionals.

The most extensive measure of the National Child Strategy is a 10-part online training package on the rights of the child and, in particular, on children’s inclusion. This is the first time that the Finnish state will have produced such a large-scale training package on the rights of the child to support professionals in their everyday activities.

All parts of the training package will be completed by February or March 2023. The first part of the training package has been published in Finnish. The Swedish version will be published on Tuesday 18th of October 2022. Read more on the introduction to the Rights of the Child in Finnish in You can also find the introduction in Swedish in

The measure is based on the obligation under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to disseminate information about the rights of the child and the recommendations made to Finland by the Committee on the Rights of the Child to raise awareness and increase training on the rights of the child among those who work with children. The professionals in the target group and children themselves have expressed their wish for training opportunities.

The rights of the child are made true in everyday life and in every face-to-face situation. When we learn more, we are on the same page and together we will change Finland into Finland for all children.

For who is this education package?

The education package is open to everyone. It is intended for professionals who encounter children in their work and whose work has an impact on children. All professionals working with children and working for children engage in training. You can share information about the education packages on social media with the tag #ChildRights365.

Who is producing the package?

The training sections are being produced by officials working on the Child Strategy, supported by experts from ministries, universities, several municipalities, children’s organisations, human rights organisations, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), the Finnish National Agency for Education and various other bodies. Children and young people are also involved in the production efforts. The pedagogical and technical expert is eOppiva, which operates under HAUS, the Finnish Institute of Public Management.

In order to increase our understanding of the learners, an extensive survey was conducted amongst the target group, which resulted in 340 responses across Finland. The survey produced a lot of important content and guidelines for the project. The views of the target group and children will also be heard in several workshops to be held this autumn.

The training package will provide a good basis for municipalities, wellbeing services counties and other operators such as sports clubs to build a wide range of competence-improving activities, such as day-long workshops, dialogues and new procedures for everyday activities.

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