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The National Child Strategy podcast series “A Finland for all children” starts!


Author Esa Iivonen

Tyttö makaa sängyllä pinkit kuulokkeet korvillaan.

An important part of the implementation of the National Child Strategy is to implement the contents of the Strategy in different areas of society. The podcast series of the Child Strategy explains to a wider audience the objectives and means of the National Child Strategy, for example, how to build a child – and family-friendly Finland that respects the rights of all children.

The podcast series includes six parts that discuss the key goals of the Child Strategy and explains how to turn Finland into a Finland for all Children – a Finland where children’s inclusion and rights are realized. F-Tuotanto Oy produces the podcast and interesting speakers will visit each episode. In the first episode we will talk with Johanna Laisaari, Secretary General of the National Child Strategy, and Juha Hurme, theatre director. The podcast can be listened to in Google Play, Spotify and Apple podcasts.

Over the next three weeks, we will be releasing new episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first episode can be listened to today on 15 November 2022 and the next episode on 17 November!

Episodes and Release Date:

1. Making children’s voices heard! – “But do adults listen?” (15 November 2022)

2. We must cherish childhood! “Small steps can be taken to increase people’s sense of security” (17 November 2022)

3. We must protect vulnerable children! “Violence against children is subdued” (22 November 2022)

4. Child love for working life! “There are enough employees in a family-friendly workplace” (24 November 2022)

5. The school world is not our own world! “Children do not tell about bullying because they protect their parents from racism” (29 November 2022)

6. Growing peace for children! “Everyone must be allowed to grow up without shame, fear and guilt” (1 December 2022)

Listen to the podcast in Finnish on Spotify