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Get to know the Child Strategy group


Author Lapsistrategia

The child Strategy Group is now complete, since Johanna Laaja started as Chief Specialist on January 8. Read more about our group and come and say hello to us at the Educa fair on Friday or Saturday!

Johanna Laaja, Chief Specialist 

I am the Chief Specialist for the National Child Strategy and the coordinator of the European Child Guarantee. It is great to be able to promote the Rights of the Child in a multidisciplinary manner with a great Child Strategy group and inspiring cooperation partners. I have a Master’s degree in Social Sciences, I am an adult educator and a work supervisor. I have worked in the development of human and child rights, equality and knowledge management. Before I coordinated the education package of the Child Strategy and developed a child rights-based approach in cooperation with municipalities. During my free time, I enjoy the outdoor recreation areas of my home island Laajasalo, play tennis and do art at our Archipelago Sea cottage. 

Johanna Huovinen, Senior Specialist 

I work as a Senior Specialist in the National Child Strategy. I am a lawyer from Helsinki. In my long career as a government official, I have had the opportunity to work diversely on social welfare and health care legislation, legislation related to equality and the status and rights of the child. I am a people person and get easily inspired about everything! I enjoy working in a multiprofessional and fast working environment of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Government. During my free time, I relax at home, try to exercise versatilely, spend time at my summer cottage and travel. 

Emmi Pakkala, Senior Specialist 

It has been great to be able to promote the rights of the child in Finland! So far, I have promoted them in an international context in sub-Saharan Africa working for UNICEF for over a decade and since then at Save the Children Finland, from where I am now on leave until the end of May. My inner civil servant has enjoyed working at the Ministry of Social Affairs and on the Child Strategy greatly. On my time off, I am often at the gym guiding small gymnasts and practicing acrobatics as well as other physical exercises. I am also trying to complete my second master’s degree – I raise my hat for all those who have managed to complete their studies on time while working! 

Laura Salovaara, Administrative Assistant 

I am responsible for communications and events related to the Child Strategy and, of course, for ensuring that our everyday lives are running smoothly. As a civil servant, I have a somewhat exceptional background in the music and event sector, and I am sure that reflects in my enthusiasm to develop and brainstorm anything new. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for that in the Child Strategy – we do not have two identical working days. In my spare time, life is sometimes quite a musical when I sing and dance, but you can also find me climbing walls or in the corner of the couch buried in books and crafts. 

Four people sitting around a table with laptop computers
Child Strategy’s Johannas Huovinen and Laaja, Emmi Pakkala and Laura Salovaara in the middle of a meeting